Mark R. O'Brien

Mark O'Brien is one of the authors of the Integrated Maths Modules and is the developer of the concept of the Online Teachers' Resource Network.

Mark has taught secondary mathematics for 23 years. He has had experience in both the state system and the private system and has worked in both Senior High Schools and a District High School teaching mathematics to students of all levels. Most recently Mark taught mathematics at Eastern Hills Senior High School and was involved in ongoing developments in the middle school.

Mark currently is working:

  • On the development of the Integrated Maths Modules and its implementation into schools in WA and other states, including teaching "3 x 3" demonstration lessons
  • As a consultant in maths education for schools and educational bodies
  • As a writer with WestOne writing student course materials for the new WACE mathematics courses
  • With Dr Jennie Bickmore-Brand on the Citizens of Tomorrow, Today values project

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