The MATH O MAGIC series is a series of 12 puzzle books.

  • Math O Magic 1.2
  • Math O Magic 1.3
  • Math O Magic 2.3
  • Math O Magic 2.4
  • Math O Magic 3.3
  • Math O Magic 3.4
  • Math O Magic 4.3
  • Math O Magic 4.4
  • Math O Magic 5.3
  • Math O Magic 5.4
  • Math O Magic 6.3
  • Math O Magic 6.4

These books are designed for students from 13 to 15 years old.

Books 1.2 and 1.3 are designed to revise the skills from earlier years and to be a platform from which subsequent skills are developed.

Books 2.3, 3.3, 4.3, 5.3 and 6.3 develop skills in the SPACE, MEASUREMENT, and CHANCE & DATA strands.

Books 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 5.4 and 6.4 address skills in the NUMBER and ALGEBRA strands.

Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 indicate the level of difficulty, with each following in a sequential manner.

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These books are available from:

Educational Directions Publications
11 Cavalier Court
Thornlie, W.A. 6108
Phone/Fax: +61 - 8 - 9459 0546


Often students find the necessary skill practice in Mathematics to be very boring. This series of books has been designed as a motivational tool to help the students to feel more enthusiastic about their work.

These worksheets are designed to be used in various ways:

  • MOTIVATION Students are keen to solve the puzzle and keep asking for more.
  • INCENTIVE As a reward for students who finish their work early.
  • SELF CHECKING For students to be able to check their own work as they go along.
  • EXTRA PRACTICE A fun way of doing extra practice on skills development.
  • HOMEWORK An interesting way to get students to do more consolidation of mathematical skills in a way they enjoy.
  • REVISION An exciting way to stimulate revision.
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