Emma Tomkinson is the author of Cooking Up Times Tables.

Her qualifications include a Master of Special Education and Master of Science in Operational Research.

While working as a Western Australian maths teacher and educational writer (with a passion for cooking and children), Emma produced 'Cooking up Times Tables' after successfully working with young children to inject some fun into their maths learning. Emma has used the activities in this book to engage primary and secondary school students in maths in the kitchen, from remote Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, to students at risk in metropolitan Perth.

Emma taught secondary mathematics for 6 years. She has worked in two states and has taught mathematics to students of all levels.

Emma is currently working for the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet as a project officer in the Strategy and Project Delivery Unit.

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Cooking Up Times Tables

Cooking Up Times Tables is a series of cooking activities designed to improve students' knowledge of times tables. The book also has an activity designed to help students with multiplying and dividing by powers of ten. This photocopiable book is useful for teachers or parents.

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This book written by Emma Tomkinson includes six cooking activities with worksheets to help children in developing the 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables, and for multiplying and dividing by powers of ten (10, 100, ...). It also includes a parents or teachers guide to help with the cooking!

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