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OTRNet Subscribers have access to the Integrated Maths Module texts for both students and teachers in pdf format for download and use.

OTRNet Publications publishes books from the Integrated Maths Modules Project. These modular texts based on constructivist principles are for students in lower secondary school preparing for Upper School Tertiary Bound Courses.

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The Integrated Maths Modules have been developed to support "best practise" teaching in today's and tomorrow's mathematics classroom.

The " 3 by 3 " structure of the learning is based on:

  • three key pedagogies:
    • Constructivist learning in a student centred environment with students working cooperatively.
  • A three stage learning cycle:
    • Exploration â–º Formalisation â–º Application

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Each module starts off with students working collaboratively to explore a topic, is followed by a teacher led formalisation and then finishes with application of the ideas learnt.

The modules are written for two, three or four weeks study in mathematics. This means that you can implement your choice of the modules into your current programme to suit the students you are teaching.

They are based on the Curriculum Framework Learning Area Outcomes for Mathematics and integrate various outcomes from multiple strands.

Modules are published for both students [SIMM] and teachers [TIMM] containing all of the necessary materials for both groups.

The modules are written to:

  • follow a constructivist approach (Learn more about constructivism)
  • support student centred learning environment (Learn more about student centred learning)
  • allow for students to work cooperatively (Learn more about cooperative learning)
  • be flexible for programming
  • provide a wide range and more than adequate quantity of materials for teachers to choose from
  • use modern technology where appropriate eg. graphic calculators and spreadsheets
  • reflect current educational thinking on student learning
  • contain fully developed activities with solutions and analysis for teachers

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The following information is a comparison between what is present in the Students' [SIMM] and Teachers' [TIMM] versions of the Integrated Maths Modules.

The teachers module has an eight page wrap around of information and then within this is a copy of the students module.

The contents of the wrap around eight pages are:

  • (i) - Index
  • (ii) - Preface - containing the background to the Integrated Maths Modules - their purpose, how to teach with them etc
  • (iii) - Theme and Curriculum Framework Outcomes Addressed
  • (iv) - Details, Content and Language Developed
  • (v) & (vi) - A Sample Application - for assessment purposes
  • (vii) - Major Student Outcomes of the module
  • (viii) - Sample Application solutions

In the teachers module the contained students module has identical pages and page numbers, but also has:

  • Solutions to the Activities and Applications which are not in the students' module
  • Teachers notes explaining set up of lessons, points of solution, possible problem points, hints etc

H01T: Indirect Measure 2 Wrap Around
H02T: Reciprocal Functions Wrap Around
H03T: Bivariate Data 2 Wrap Around
H04T: 3D Shapes 2 Wrap Around
H05T: Navigation & Surveying Wrap Around
H06T: Probability Wrap Around
H07T: Periodic Functions Wrap Around
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