The Living Maths series has a core of eight books which systematically address the basic mathematics skills that students need for real life situations. The series is designed in two strands which are intended for use over the two years before students enter upper school (age 14 and 15), but could easily be extended into a third year (age 13). The emphasis is on the mathematics required for everyday life.


The same topics are revisited at increasing levels of difficulty in a spiral approach. The sequential development contained in these books enables students to progress steadily through the key competencies. The regular revision of ideas allows for consolidation in the longer term.

This series of books provides an enormous resource with more material than most classes will require. This gives teachers the flexibility to select work appropriate to their particular class without the need to seek support materials. The carefully graded problems allow for students of differing ability to use these books, simply going as far in each exercise as their development allows.

Each of these books is a total teaching package containing:

Number Skills Development, Projects, Puzzles, Extensions, Newspaper Searches, Real Life Problems, Computing, Literacy Development, Games, & Library Research.

Support books in the form of Teacher's Guides, Mental Books and Test Books are available for this series. The four Teacher's Guides offer extra assistance to teachers with planning and programming and provide solutions and marking guides to all extended activities from the books.

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