Consolidating Applicable Mathematics (2nd Ed.)

Cover: Applicable Mathematics Book 1
$18.70 each


ISBN 0 9588575 9 8

This book provides a series of exercises, designed in most cases to supplement the work of a classroom teacher who would introduce material to students using a method appropriate to the subject matter, the students and the teacher. This introduction and concept development may involve investigative work with pen and paper, calculator or computer or whatever method deemed appropriate.

These exercises are designed to follow up this classroom work so that students can consolidate the concepts introduced and skills developed. Some of the exercises themselves can be used to introduce or develop new concepts. Some exercises provided do not deal directly with an objective but are provided for introduction to an objective or extension of it. Other exercises are included to develop ideas included in the notes which supplement the course objectives.

The companion text "Learning Applicable Mathematics " is also available. This text contains lesson notes, type examples with full solutions and practice questions with answers.

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