Using email

You may visit sites that want to send you information by e-mail. A lot of these sites collect information about you so be wary . We suggest you set up a free e-mail address with Hotmail or a similar site if you want to give out an e-mail address.

Writing Reports

Your teacher may instruct you as to how to write your report. If not, the following guidelines might be useful in planning what you are going to write.

  • 1. Clarify - what is the problem, what is assumed and what needs to be done
  • 2. Choose - make choices as to how you intend to "solve" the problem and what mathematics you will use 3. Use - solve the problem using the appropriate techniques, strategies and skills 4. Check and Interpret - make sure your work is correct and translate your results into the form of the problem 5. Communicate - write your report in a way that suits the audience

Assignment Links

The links we include are suggested starting points for finding the information you need. Many of them lead to further sites with related information. You can also find your own sites of interest using the search engines we have linked to or search engines of your own choice. You may have to use other information sources like newspapers, television, magazines or the telephone to get all the information you need for your assignment.

Searching yourself

If you decide to search for information yourself you can follow the links to common search sites that are on the assignment page or you might use searches that you already know. To ensure that the information you receive is most relevant search within your own country, e.g Australia. Make sure you stay within the guidelines that your school has for Internet searches. In some search engines you can protect yourself by switching on filters that remove unacceptable materials.

Search Engines and Directories

There are two different types of searches possible on the Internet. A directory search (like Yahoo) lists all information in categories and you can look through these categories yourself or search across the full directory. A search engine (like Google or Bing) lists all of the information relevant to your search that it has indexed. The amount of pages that each search engine has indexed is different and this will affect your search results. Each search engine and directory has different rules for ordering the sites - some have the "most linked to" pages at the top - some look for the most keywords to fit your search - and some charge money to web sites to get a top listing - so the top sites aren't always the only ones useful for you.

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