Calculators in Classrooms

Calculators in Classrooms Cover
Calculators in Classrooms CoverCalculators in Classrooms Cover
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This book will help teachers integrate calculators into the teaching of mathematics. It contains ideas and activities designed to support the learning of concepts such as place value. Many teachers and parents worry that children will become reliant on the calculator so ideas and activities for ensuring that children make sensible choices and can check the results of calculations are provided.

A checklist of calculator skills is included along with suggestions for assessment and running a parents’ evening. Some photocopy masters are also provided. Reference is made to some of the newer calculators on the market such as the TI 15 as well as the latest research on calculator use in schools. This 88 page A4 book has background, 44 activities, teacher notes and answers.

Author Paul SwanYears 3-7User TeachersCopying Limited copying allowedFull Price* $30ISBN 978-0-9585632-4-6Publisher A-Z TypeYear 2007 *Price includes GST, postage & handling.

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