OTRNet Consultancy Services has been set up to provide a consultancy service in education for schools or bodies requiring information or help on areas such as Course Implementation and Teaching Methodologies.

Currently we offer:

  • The workshop "Cooperative Learning in the Maths Classroom", on the principles of cooperative learning, why to use it and how to implement it, with input based on the presenters classroom experiences.
  • Implementation, programming or other aspects of the Integrated Maths Modules Project (usually at no cost).
  • The seminar "Focussing On Learning in the Classroom" presented at MAWA Conference and Conventions in 2002 and 2003, MASA Conference 2004 and at the WASTAA Conference in 2003.
  • The workshop "Constructivist Learning in a Student Centred Environment with Students Working Cooperatively" presented at MAWA Conference August 2004 and MAWA Afternoon of Maths May 2004.
  • The workshop "Writing Applications to Develop Outcomes" presented at MAWA Conference and Conventions in 2003.
  • The seminar "A Journey Into Mathematics Education" presented as the keynote talk on Tuesday 2nd December 2003 at the MAWA Secondary Convention.
  • The seminar "Integrated Maths Modules: A Resource for Supporting Teaching with a Learning Cycle" presented at the MAV Conference in December 2003.
  • The workshop "Online Resources for the Integrated Maths Modules" presented at the Technology Day of MAWA Secondary Convention 2002 and 2003.
  • Implementation, programming or other aspects of the Living Maths course.
  • Writing and using investigations in mathematics.
  • Using Newspaper Searches with students to promote real applications.
  • Using the Networking Tables series in Primary Classrooms.

Alternatively, many schools have arranged PD sessions specific to their needs. Just email me to discuss your requirements and we will tailor a session to suit. For schools implementing the Integrated Maths Modules sessions are usually without cost.

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